Weekend Reading: Streetfilms.org

Or should I say “Weekend Watching?”…

When it comes to the subject of urban planning, there’s an endless amount of literature on how built design affects our lives. But little of it offers the visual stimuli needed to really drive home its points. This is why I wish there were more websites like Streetfilms.org, a site produced by the non-profit Open Plans. The website has hundreds of short documentaries showing the design innovations that are being made, and the leaders who have organized them, in cities around the world. One longer video I watched tonight was called “Contested Streets”, about the history of automobiles in New York City, and how their congestion can be reduced today. There’s a lot of good historical footage of the city; and of other ones, like Copenhagen, where the problem has been handled better.

Also special thanks to Rob Schilling, host of the Charlottesville political radio program “The Schilling Show”. He interviewed me this week, in the first of what promises to be many on his show. I would offer my own podcast of the interview, but the computer’s being a tad uncooperative right now. So to hear it visit the show’s archives, click on Hour 1 of the January 31st program, and fast forward ahead to the 24:00 minute mark.


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