Weekend Reading: “Why Republicans Need the Cities”, Aaron Renn, NewGeography.com; “The GOP and the City”, Edward Glaeser, City Journal

No more than a few days after posting my article about why Republicans have lost the city vote, two of America’s preeminent urbanists, Aaron Renn and Edward Glaeser, did also. Were they inspired by my article, and decided to write ones of their own? Probably not, but I’ll go ahead and flatter myself with that thought anyway.

In both Renn’s and Glaeser’s articles, the argument is made that while Republicans have lost cities, they’ve actually advocated for the policies that helped spur America’s urban resurgence. These include welfare reform, charter schools, Compstat policing, service privatization, and improved business climates. But Republicans have failed to capitalize on this politically, because of an unwillingness to even try campaigning where they know they’ll lose anyway…

Special thanks to the planning organizations Congress for the New Urbanism and Tactical Urbanism for bringing blog traffic, via a link on Facebook, to my article on parklets.


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